Our Mission Statement

The Henrico Police Foundation, Inc. provides a nonprofit medium independent of the division of police where donations, goods or services can be received and disbursed for the benefit of the department, with no appearance of impropriety, while furthering the goal of providing for the safety and well-being of all citizens of Henrico.

Our History

Accountability Commitment Since 1997, the Henrico Police Foundation has been operating as the only approved fundraising organization for the Henrico County Division of Police. Prior to the establishment of the Foundation, the Division of Police saw how grateful Henrico individuals and businesses were for their service. In many instances, people wanted to show their appreciation through financial or material gifts.

The Division of Police, however, has strict policies regarding the acceptance of gifts and gratuities. As a result, a group of civic minded Henrico residents and business leaders formed the Foundation to accept goods, services and financial contributions for the benefit of the Division of Police in a non-partisan manner, ensuring no favoritism towards the donor.

The Foundation has since been able to support the Division and their families through various programs, memorials, and educational opportunities thanks to many generous contributions.


Our Approach

Honor Professionalism The Foundation functions as the sole vehicle through which citizens and businesses can legitimately offer goods, services or money that will benefit the Division of Police. The Henrico Police Foundation will disburse gifts where they can assist or undertake programs and activities designed to strengthen the services, operations, community relations, performance, facilities, education, competence and professionalism of the Henrico County Division of Police and its officers, employees and volunteers without profit or financial gain